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Jeffrey Ong | 王昱清


Better known as 《小飞鱼》, his stint in the first local idol drama series – produced by Singapore Broadcasting Centre (now Mediacorp) had marked the start of Jeffery’s acting career since. Starring alongside Maggie Teng, he was labelled as “Singapore’s 1 st Male Idol”. He continues to challenge himself with demanding roles in famous TV dramas like 《雾锁南洋》,《青春123》,《少年英雄》,《五脚基》,《黄金路》, 《团圆饭》, 《甘榜情》 and recently – 《118》. Recognised as a versatile actor who can pull off varying characters tastefully, he became the sought-after figure on screen. In 2013,he was further invited to star in local movie 《世界末日》.

Other than his burning passion for acting, Jeffrey sang his first drama theme song for 《雨过天晴》in the year 1987. With his charisma and good looks, he is also a popular face for endorsing commercial brands in the market – currently an ambassador of Aderans Co., Ltd.

An avid learner, Jeffrey never gives up any learning opportunity; to constantly stay in touch with his talents. In 2012, he was handpicked to host the 1 st series of Channel 8’s 《银色嘉年华》. His witty and humorous personality left audiences in awe and he has since hosted 3 consecutive series.

Being an iconic figure in the media industry, Jeffrey represents the growth of our television eras. From the next-door boy to an accomplished veteran, he never gives up perfecting his performances.

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